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Stacey has been teaching music for more than ten years. Her students have ranged in age from seven to seventy-seven, and Stacey enjoys the challenges that teaching students of such widely diverging ages (not to mention personalities!) affords her.

Stacey’s studio is currently located in the Côte-des-Neiges/Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough of Montreal. She accepts students in piano, concert harp, and folk harp.

The titles of writer, actor, painter, sculptor, musician bring with them the status of “creative artist.”

We call arts such as music, painting, or writing “creative” because their end result is in some sense of the word a “creation”-whether it be a performance of a series of pitches, a design on canvas, or a volume of words. This is one concept of creativity. However there is a second concept of creativity which relates not to the finished product but to the unfinished process. By this I am referring to what is often called “creative problem-solving.” These creative skills involve our ability to learn through experience and inference rather than just by rote. We analyse the ways in which our minds grasp certain concepts and the ways in which our bodies respond to certain stimuli. And by such means we are able to “solve” problems that we are having, and to gain mastery of our art.

It is in relation to this second sense of creativity in particular that the teacher also is a “creative artist.” The performer in order to grow and develop must, at least sub-consciously, develop these creative learning skills. The teacher, on the other hand, must develop these skills at a conscious level, and furthermore, be able to extend these skills beyond the limits of his or her own body or mind. For people have different bodies and different minds. They learn not only at different rates, but also in vastly different ways

The development of an art as an individual pursuit demands many aspects of creativity. But it is the transmission of that art to another (that is the art of teaching itself) that I believe demands the whole of the creative personality.
Stacey Loewen stacey@harponthehill.com
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 735-3970