Harp on the Hill STUDIO offers the following lesson types:

1.  One-on-one Individual Lessons (children or adults)

              60  minute lessons

              90 minute lessons

*Shorter (45 minute) lessons are occasionally offered to younger students.  This decision is made on a case by case basis after the initial few lessons. 

2.  NEW!  Buddy Lessons (children) 

                  60 minutes (30 minutes solo + 30 minutes overlapping time with a friend) 

MONTHLY Tuition Rates:

60-Minute Lessons

Monthly Tuition:  $242.83

The majority of students at Harp on the Hill Studio take individual one-on-one 60-minute lessons. 

90-Minute Lessons

Monthly Tuition:  $360.33

90-minute lessons are offered for advanced students, as well as for those who want the broader range of musical exploration that 90-minute lessons offer.

Buddy Lessons
30 minutes solo + 30 minutes overlapping time

Monthly Tuition:  $195.83* per student

We "play" music.  And "play" tends to be a social activity.    Yet children often experience their music lesson and practice time as a solitary exercise. In the Buddy Lesson Format, students benefit from the best of both worlds:

         1.  One-on-one time with their teacher

         2.  Time spent exploring music with a friend

Students applying for the Buddy-Lesson Program may apply with a friend interested in taking lessons, or may request a pairing with a student already in the studio. 

*If a student does not bring a friend, and if no in-studio pairing is currently available, the student will be offered Individual One-on-One Lessons.