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What are Buddy Lessons?

Buddy Lessons combine conventional one-on-one music lessons with time spent exploring music with a partner. Though open to anyone, Harp on the Hill’s Buddy Lesson Program is specially designed with homeschool families in mind, giving students available during weekday school hours the opportunity to enjoy music lessons with a collaborative and social aspect not found in more traditional one-on-one music lessons.


During the one-on-one portion of a student’s Buddy Lesson, time is primarily spent learning technique fundamentals and pieces of repertoire at the student’s chosen instrument (harp or piano). 


During the shared portion of the Buddy Lesson we use game-based activities to develop skills—theory and ear-training, in particular—that are often neglected,  underrepresented, or simply taught in uninspiring ways in conventional music lessons.   


Students in Buddy Lessons also routinely engage in ensemble playing, including ensemble improvisation exercises as well as ensemble repertoire pieces (piano duets etc.).

What are the Benefits of Buddy Lessons?

.Buddy Lessons make learning theory and ear-training fun, helping to develop well-rounded musicians who take these skills back to their instrument.

.Buddy Lessons create consistent opportunities for ensemble playing.

.Buddy Lessons increase practice motivation as students observe each other’s musical development.

.Buddy Lessons help build children's identity of themselves as musicians in relation to other musicians, thereby increasing the chance that they will become life-long music learners. 

Who can pair up  for Buddy Lessons?






Buddy partners do not need to be the same age, or even necessarily at the same musical level.  It is important that partners get along, and not be too aggressively competitive (which could rule out some sibling pairs).  But other than that, the options are endless. 

Example SCHEDULE of a typical Buddy Lesson:

*NOTE:  In the case that students arrive/leave together for their lesson time (in the case of siblings, carpooling etc.), the unoccupied student will be provided with a quiet waiting area where they can work/read etc. while waiting for their partner's one-on-one lesson time to finish. 

10:00 am        Student 1 arrives and has their one-on-one lesson time with me.*

10:30 am         Student 2 arrives.  Students 1 and 2 have their combined lesson time.

11:00 am          Student 1 leaves. Student 2 has their one-on-one lesson time with me.


What is the tuition for Buddy Lessons?

See the Tuition Table.  Please note that tuition is listed for each individual student. 

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