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In-Studio Events

Harp on the Hill hosts numerous in-studio (or online) events throughout the year.  Rather informal in nature, in-studio events are designed not only to provide students with a relaxed and encouraging workshop environment in which to practice performing—but also to build a sense of community where students begin to see themselves as musicians in the company of other musicians.  

Out-of-Studio Events

Students who wish to supplement in-studio events with more formal performance situations, are encouraged to participate in concerts put on by the Quebec Music Teacher’s Association of which Stacey is a member teacher.  These recitals take place at various venues around the island of Montreal. 

HARP ON THE HILL in the Wider Community

Many of Stacey's students create their own performance opportunities within the wider community.


Let loose in the world, Stacey's students have taken their music into hospitals, seniors residences and yoga studios, accompanied their choirs, jammed with friends, and even toured the world with their albums.  No matter their level of ambition, Stacey loves seeing her students share their music with a wider community.

Whatever their ambitions, big or small, I love  bringing students to the place where they can share their talent and hard work with a wider community. 

                                                                                                   --Stacey Loewen

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