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Can online lessons ever be as good as in-person ones?  Perhaps not. 

But they are still pretty great.  


Student taking an online (Skype, Facetime, Zoom) harp lesson

When Stacey moved and suggested that we continue harp classes online, I was initially reluctant. I have a strong resistance to technology, and thought that I would not enjoy the classes or learn in the same manner.  In fact, I was so reluctant that I almost looked for another teacher.   Good thing I did not! I have been taking online classes with Stacey for a few years now, and have found that the switch to online has in no way impacted how much I enjoy learning harp with Stacey.  I look forward to every lesson!    

-Beatriz Gomez Casto

Facetime, Zoom, or Skype...

They all work.  So in general, I choose whatever online platform the student is already most familiar with. For most of my students this means using Facetime, but Zoom and Skype are also good options. 


Online lessons at Harp on the Hill Studio are facilitated by the use of the Cadenza Practice App, an online notebook that allows me to write out instructions and practice plans, as well as to attach any personalized instruction videos which I make in class. 


Cadenza is used by all my students (online and in-studio), and has transformed both the way I teach and the way my students practice. 


Read more about why I love Cadenza.


Wondering how to set up Cadenza, or how to set up more generally for an Online Lesson?


 I will send you more information when you book your first lesson.   

Student smiling during online harp lesson (Facetime, Zoom, Skype)

Sure, there is the occasional poor internet connection issue, or some other technical glitch that needs to be figured out, especially at the beginning.  Then again, there are times when in-studio students get caught in traffic or stuck in a stopped metro car on their way to lessons.  Life is life.  Life has glitches every now and then.  We deal with them.

Still uncertain?  My advice is simple:  Try it. 

As a teacher, I was initially hesitant to try online lessons, but have since embraced the concept, and continue to make the necessary adaptations to make online learning as effective and enjoyable as possible for my students. 


Online Lessons are charged at the same rate as regular In-Studio Lessons.  Go to the Book a Lesson to view fees. 

Online Lessons

harp student at Harp on the Hill Studio
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