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Student Testimonials


Stacey drew on many genres to help me develop my folk and pop arrangements for my first full length album. Using Celtic tunes, jazz, classical pedagogy and more, Stacey's goal was to widen my perspective of the uses of the harp in different genres. This really helped me to get my ideas flowing about how to arrange for my own songs. She also provided me with a steady stream of relevant warmups to strengthen my technique for things I had written, as well as tricky spots in my repertoire. When I got into a sticky spot she also encouraged me to loosen up and jam on the blues! Lessons with Stacey are fun as well as focussed, and she is so flexible for what your needs are as not only a harpist, but an artist. 

--Marlena Kurek (Mars on the Harp)


When I decided to take harp lessons at the age of forty, I wasn't sure I would be able to follow it through. Having no previous experience in playing or reading music, I had some doubts and hesitations.  However, after only one session with Stacey, all these concerns were over, and I was full of enthusiasm. Her teaching methods and her being attuned to my abilities made it all possible. My ongoing adventure with playing music began.

--Anga Poplawska


An extremely talented teacher and musician, Stacey is equally effective with children or seniors. Whether it be the harp, the piano or musicianship she easily adapts her teaching methods to suit different learning styles and abilities.  She is dedicated to making sure that her students understand and can master the task at hand and have fun in the process.  I especially appreciate her ability to pinpoint a learning problem and find a clear way to solve it.  I highly recommend Stacey and look forward to our lessons.

–Meryl Spielman

harp student at Harp on the Hill Studio

Stacey is a wonderful and inspiring teacher. First of all, she managed to adapt the teaching method and expectations to my needs; that is:  no musical background, very busy at work, and very little time to practice.  In spite of the challenges, every time I would go to her class, I would feel happy and motivated to continue playing. She is not only an incredible teacher but also a friend. 

—Beatriz Gomez-Castro


Stacey is a dedicated teacher who strives to bequeath students the joy of music. Beyond learning to play an instrument,  she really wants students to understand, appreciate, and embody music. Her holistic music pedagogy provides a good foundation for developing both theoretical understanding and playing skills. The integration of playing, listening, and singing provide students a meaningful music education.  I wholeheartedly recommend her. 

—Danny Mamlok


Stacey is the person who helped me turn my dream of playing the harp into reality! While learning an instrument requires dedication, Stacey structures lessons in a way that is manageable and motivating for the busy young professional that I am.  Her way of teaching, with a focus on really understanding the structure of music as a tool for learning music more quickly and efficiently, has not only aided me in my development as a harpist, but has also seeped into my life as a singer-songwriter and avid choral singer, making it a gift that keeps on giving. 

—Christelle Saint-Julien

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