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Are you looking for piano lessons or harp lessons in the Montreal area?  Live further afield, but want to take online harp lessons?  Or are you a homeschool family looking for music lessons designed with homeschoolers in mind? (See Buddy Lesson Program.)

Vous cherchez des cours de piano ou des cours de harpe dans la région de Montréal?  Vous habitez plus loin et vous souhaitez prendre des cours de harpe en ligne? Vos enfants sont scolarisés à la maison et vous êtes à la recherche des cours de musique conçus spécialement pour eux?  (Voir Buddy Lesson Program.) 

Welcome to Harp on the Hill Studio...

At Harp on the Hill Studio, learning to play the music you love on the instrument you love is only the beginning.

With more than 25 years experience as a music teacher, Stacey has developed many of her own methods for teaching specific musical skills, most notably a more creative and engaging approach to teaching theory through music making. 


Think.  Play.  Feel. 


At Harp on the Hill Studio,  theory, technique, repertoire, ear-training, and music appreciation are not thought of as separate subjects.  Instead they are taught in a multilayered way that helps create more engaged, more intelligent and more well-rounded musicians.

Harp on the Hill Studio also offers an innovative Buddy Lesson Program which combines one-on-one teacher time with time spent exploring music with a friend (sibling, parent, or even grandparent).  Though open to anyone, Harp on the Hill’s Buddy Lesson Program is specially designed with homeschool families in mind, giving students available during weekday school hours the opportunity to enjoy music lessons with a collaborative and social aspect not found in more traditional one-on-one music lessons.You may read more about Buddy Lessons here

Interested in reading more about Stacey's unique pedagogical approach?  Visit her Teaching Corner page.

If there is one central tenant that has come to guide all my teaching, it is this:  When students understand the principles of how music is constructed, they are able to learn it more quickly, play it more expressively, and appreciate it more deeply.           


-                                                                 -Stacey Loewen

Ready to book a first piano lesson or harp lesson?  Find out more about rates and lesson options here     

About Stacey's Students

Stacey's students, past and present, are some of the most interesting, intelligent, quirky and passionate people she has had the privilege of meeting. 


Unlike many music studios which cater primarily to children, Stacey’s teaching practice represents a much more diverse mix of ages and musical backgrounds:  from mid-career lawyers with a passion for world music, to 20-something singer-songwriters, to retirees who—in addition to taking up the challenge of learning a new instrument—are devoted choral singers and world travellers.   


Stacey has also been teacher to numerous emerging artists in the indie pop and folk scene, including Emilie Kahn (formerly of Emilie and Ogden).

What Students Say

...Stacey drew on many genres to help me develop my folk and pop arrangements for my first full length album.


Using Celtic tunes, jazz, classical pedagogy and more, Stacey's goal was to widen my perspective of the uses of the harp in different genres...







--Marlena Kurek

  (Mars on the Harp)

Music student who takes harp lessons at Harp on the Hill Studio.
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Interior veiw of music room at Harp on the Hill Studio--piano and harp lessons

Location and Facilities

126 Hillcrest Ave.

Lachine (first street after Montreal-West)

H8R 1J2



Harp on the Hill Studio is located in Lachine at the border of Montreal West, convenient for NDG, Montreal West, West Island, Cote St. Luc, Hampstead,  and Snowdon.


For those further afield, Stacey offers online harp lessons and piano lessons via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.  Read more about Online Lessons. ­


Harp students who do not yet own a harp may rent one through Maison Glissando

Picture of Harp on the Hill Studio, offering harp lessons and piano lessons in Montreal.
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